1. Healthy Ways to Enjoy Pizza

    Pizza is truly an indulgence, and often the calories and fat from your favorite delicious slices can catch up with you. While pizza is absolutely incredible and full of amazing flavors, it might not be an option when you’re trying to watch your weight. If you want to still enjoy your pizza and fit into your swimsuit this summer, follow these easy tips next time your order pizza takeout. At Passi…Read More

  2. Special Date Ideas with Passione Pane!

    Do you have a special someone who you want to impress with an original date idea? We have your dinner plans taken care of. At Passione Pane, we have incredible, delicious pizzas that are made to order and only with the highest quality ingredients. But we don’t only make pizza! Our talented and amazing chef also creates luscious focaccia bread, delectable sides, and mouth-watering desserts. Whate…Read More

  3. The History of Pizza

    Have you ever wondered about the history of pizza? We all know that pizza originates from Italy, but how did it makes its way across the ocean? However it came to be, America is one of pizza’s biggest fans. Here at Passione Pane, we’re devoted to creating authentic Italian pizza, focaccia, and other delicious foods. Call us today and order pizza for dinner, or stop by and grab a slice for lunc…Read More