Have you ever wondered about the history of pizza? We all know that pizza originates from Italy, but how did it makes its way across the ocean? However it came to be, America is one of pizza’s biggest fans. Here at Passione Pane, we’re devoted to creating authentic Italian pizza, focaccia, and other delicious foods. Call us today and order pizza for dinner, or stop by and grab a slice for lunch. We’re sure you’ll be saying “delizioso” after the first bite!

A Brief Overview

The word “pizza” was first documented around AD 997 in central and southern Italy. This “pizza” was simply a leavened bread called focaccia with a few vegetable toppings. Pizza sauce hadn’t made its debut yet, so the first pizza eaters simply used the seasonal vegetables available to them. As this primordial pizza was somewhat simplistic, the idea of hot tasty bread with delicious toppings stuck and continued to evolve throughout the centuries. Pizza truly began to develop in Naples, Italy, and this is where the idea of a pizza pie came to be and is still a mecca for the true pizza aficionado.

Pizza in America

Pizza had already made its way to North America in the late 19th century with the advent of European immigration, and it was sold by street peddlers in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and other large cities. After it began to catch on in these bustling metropoles, slices began to be sold in small grocery stores and cafes in Italian American areas, such as Little Italy in New York. While this delicious pizza was authentic, it was mainly only consumed by the Italian immigrants and their descendants. The idea of a “pizza parlor” didn’t actually gain traction until after World War II. American troops based in Italy developed a huge affinity for the steaming, cheesy pies and after returning home, began to frequent the local pizzerias of their hometowns. Not used to the demand, bakers and local restaurants began to open restaurants and pizza parlors to satisfy the hungry veterans. Pizza became such hit that by the 1960’s, it was the most sought-after and enjoyed food in America.

Pizza Today

As American pizza began to evolve, pizzerias were opened in Chicago and debuted deep-dish pizza, which is essentially a multi-layer pie that involves several different toppings, sauces, and cheeses. Pizza chains began to open, making quick and delicious weeknight dinners easy. Other Italian delicacies, such as calzones and pastas, also have become popular and are offered by many pizza restaurants. Once the endemic food of Italian immigrants, pizza has quickly risen to become one of America’s most loved foods.

Our Pizza at Passione Pane

At Passione Pane, we love creating the best pizza possible for our clients. Our chef has many years of experience in the restaurant industry and is dedicated to making authentic, fast, and delicious pizza and focaccia. Whether you’re looking for the classic pizza flavors or are interested in trying different toppings, Passione Pane here in Fishers, Indiana is here to fulfill those cravings. Come in today and try our homemade and fresh food, made to order just for you. We’re sure you’ll love our pizza. Call us today!